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Surgical Termination 2nd Trimester - Up to 24 Weeks LMP

For patients Up to 24 weeks LMP, it will take approximately two days to complete the abortion. The first step in the abortion is the insertion of sterile laminaria, which are small, slim sticks of natural fiber (seaweed). Laminaria gradually swell over a period of several hours to help stretch the opening of the uterus. This helps to make the abortion quicker, safer, and less painful. You will be in the clinic four to eight hours and will return home that evening. The clinic should provide a prescription for pain medication that must be filled as soon as possible after leaving the office. We highly recommend you have adult companion with you.

The following day, you return for the removal of the laminaria and the abortion procedure. The procedure used is vacuum aspiration. You will spend approximately four to eight hours at the clinic and must be accompanied by someone to drive you home. Minors must make parent/guardian aware of this procedure. The parent/guardian does not need to be present at the time of the procedure, however, the clinic must be able to contact the parent/guardian in case of an emergency. The parent/guardian must be with you overnight.