Woman's Health Centers

When Someone You Love Needs a Choice


About Us

We are committed to the quality of care you deserve, and the right to have that care available to you. We support every woman’s right to full control of her reproductive options.

Woman's Health Centers are strongly committed to providing safe, confidential, non-judgmental care for every patient. It is our philosophy that every patient’s right to choose be respected. To that end, our patient Advocate meets with each patient to assure that our patients have all the information they need. We believe that each patient is entitled to honesty. We are happy to answer any questions about the abortion procedure, medical protocols, after care, our licenses, policies, staff and facility.

We work with each patient to assure that the patient has a comfortable, safe and medically appropriate experience. This includes providing emotional support and tender, compassionate care throughout the process.

You have a right to privacy. Our staff will not release information about your procedure or even confirm that you are our patient without your consent. We realize that this can create some problems when you have asked someone to call on your behalf. However, to assure your privacy, we will need to speak only to you about your care, or you can sign a Written Release of Information so that we can indeed communicate with your loved one, your physician or someone else of your choosing.