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Missed Birth Control Pills

If you miss one (1) pill

Take it as soon as you remember, then take your pills as scheduled at the same time every day.

No additional contraception such as the morning after pill or condoms should be necessary if you have missed only one pill.

If you miss two (2) pills

Take both missed pills at the same time on the day you realize you have missed two pills, then continue taking your birth control pills as scheduled.

In addition to taking the missed pills, you should not have intercourse, or you should use a secondary method of birth control for one week.

Your birth control pills are not effective until you have had seven consecutive doses in a row.

Inconsistent or incorrect use of birth control pills is the major reason women report becoming pregnant by accident.

Take the pill seven days in a row is necessary to prevent ovulation.

Women who miss pills often or have a difficult time staying on a strict schedule with their birth control pills should consider a different method of birth control.