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DNA Testing

Paternity testing can be done during the pregnancy to determine paternity. A procedure called Amniocentesis done on the mother, will report the fetal DNA. Amniocentesis can be done after a specific point in the developing pregnancy.

A blood test or oral swab is also needed from the mother and the alleged father to establish paternity. These tests can be done by a local laboratory or by some services through a mail in specimen kit.

It takes about a week to receive the results. The lab will send the results directly to you.

Difficult questions often arise during pregnancy. DNA testing may be important to you, whether to give you peace of mind, or to provide you with critical information related to child support and visitation.

Confidentiality is an important part of DNA testing. A number is assigned to each case. Some companies assign a Case Manager to work directly with you through the entire process. Without the assigned case number no one can get the results of DNA testing. DNA testing is 99.9% accurate.

DNA testing can be done on specimens that do not include blood or oral swabs. Because DNA is in every cell in our bodies, even some “unusual specimens” can provide the necessary information. Examples of theses specimens can be hair follicles, clothing with blood or semen stains, fingernail clippings, cigarette butts, toothbrushes, razor shavings, bones, teeth, chewed gum and many other samples.

Contact any provider to discuss fee, requirements and services offered. Some DNA testing services are accredited. Be sure to choose an accredited lab. Results from such a lab are routinely 10 to 10,000 times more accurate than what the courts require by law. The most respected labs are accepted by:

  • AABB (The American Association of Blood Banks)
  • CAC (College of American Pathologists)
  • ACLASS (ACLASS Accreditation Services for International laboratory Quality Standards )
  • ASCLD/Lab International the American Society of Crime laboratory Directors