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Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure for men. The tubes that carry the sperm from the testicles to the penis are snipped. It is a relatively minor procedure and is done on an out-patient basis. A man can consult with his family doctor to make arrangements. Many reproductive health centers also offer this service.

Why have a Vasectomy?

To assure that your partner is protected from unwanted pregnancy

Vasectomy can be a better way for couples whose family is complete to be certain that they do not have an unplanned pregnancy in the future.

When you desire to not have any additional children

A Vasectomy may mean that a woman does not need to use other contraception such as pills. For women who have special health issues and may not be able to use the birth control pill, or might have a problem that makes pregnancy difficult, the Vasectomy for her partner may be especially helpful.

When a man has a Vasectomy, he no longer has to worry about his partner becoming pregnant, he can relax and enjoy intimacy. Having a Vasectomy has nothing to do with masculinity, or performance. Often, sex is more enjoyable because the couple is not concerned about contraceptives. After a Vasectomy, the man’s body continues to make hormones. A man’s sex drive is NOT changed by Vasectomy. A man’s erection and climax does not change.

This procedure can be reversed but has only a 60% chance of restoring the flow of the sperm. Some new statistics showed an improvement rate of fertility in men who undergo reversal.

Vasectomy does not cause impotence, or make it difficult for a man to get or keep an erection. The man’s sexual arousal and enjoyment are not effected.

Vasectomy is the fourth most common means of birth control in the USA. Approximately 500,000 men in the United States every year will have a Vasectomy. Most men choose a Vasectomy so that they have less concern about getting their partner pregnant. Men often report increased sexual pleasure as they are no longer concerned about birth control.

When Prostate Cancer or Testicular Cancer is an issue

What are some reasons a man may want to reverse a Vasectomy?

  • Remarriage after divorce or death of a spouse
  • Death of a child
  • Scrotal pain related to surgery
  • Religious beliefs

Having a Vasectomy does not protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted diseases. A Vasectomy does not protect you from AIDS.

The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. There is a very slight risk of bleeding after surgery, or minor bruising, and most importantly, infection. Though the risks are slight, your healthcare provider can discuss these with you.

Vasectomy is a low cost, safe and effective means of birth control. If a Vasectomy makes sense to you, discuss it with your healthcare provider. Medicaid may pay for this procedure.