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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman. Each pregnancy may be similar to, or very different from, a woman’s last pregnancy. One of the most frequent symptoms of pregnancy is a missed period. Understanding the symptoms of pregnancy should help us as women be able to identify a new pregnancy, and begin to take appropriate action. Whether a woman is deciding to terminate a pregnancy or carry to term, identifying the pregnancy early is helpful. Some women experience symptoms of pregnancy as early as a week after conception. Some women may experience no symptoms other than their missed period. Sometimes a woman may be pregnant and does not miss her period early in the pregnancy, or may not have kept track of the date of her last normal menstrual cycle.

If you have been sexually active and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is important that you take a pregnancy test.

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation Bleeding can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. When the embryo implants itself in the uterine wall (6-12 days after conception), a woman may experience spotting and/or mild cramping.

Delayed or Missed Period

Most woman do not have a period once they become pregnant, or if they do, the period will be “different” in some way. Perhaps it will be lighter or much shorter. A change in what you normally experience could be a sign of pregnancy.

It is possible that this is not due to a pregnancy, but rather could be due to a change in birth control, an infection, or an abrasion from intercourse.

Tender or Swollen Breasts

Women may notice a change in their breasts. Breasts may become swollen or tender as early as 1 week after conception. For some women, this symptom of pregnancy does not present itself until some weeks later. Some women experience this due to hormonal imbalance, PMS or as a reaction to birth control pills.

Morning Sickness/Nausea

Some women experience morning sickness as early as 1-2 weeks after conception. Some women are not bothered by this symptom at all. Some women experience nausea only during the first trimester of pregnancy, and some, throughout the entire pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

Some women feel an increase in the frequency of urination due to pregnancy. This usually occurs 6-8 weeks into the first trimester. It may also be caused by an infection, diabetes, increased fluid intake or by taking diuretics.

Food Cravings

Sometimes women experience strong cravings for specific foods for part or all of their pregnancy. For some, it may indeed be unusual combinations like the age old pickles and ice cream. It may be for one specific food or for a particular type of food.

If you have any of the above symptoms of pregnancy, feel free to drop by any one of our Woman’s Health Centers for a quick pregnancy test. We can provide the following tests:

  • Urine Pregnancy Test
    • Results in minutes
    • Rarely inaccurate (Charge $10.00)
  • Blood Tests for the hormones of pregnancy
    • Results within 48 hours (Charge $20.00)
  • Ultrasound to date the pregnancy. (Charge $100.00)